In a world swarmed by technology, Daivik provides solutions and services to today’s problems. Induced by contemporary ideas and steered by creativity, we offer products and services to the emerging enterprises.

Our main focal point is around C/C++, JAVA and SAP. Our SAP training is mainly handled by renowned SAP labs. SAP labs are R&D locations that develop and improve SAP core products. SAP Labs drive thought leadership globally as well as in their local ecosystems, allowing SAP to innovate, grow, and succeed.

Our spotlight is to render satisfying solutions to our clientele and a solution at every stop. Our team constitutes of self dedicated and motivated youngsters who think outside the box and aspire to inspire many more and rejuvenate a team  alike us.

The JAVA and C training courses are done at various levels and are certified by experts from industries. We also organize expert talk and conferences to keep our training focused and progressive in full perseverance.