Office Spaces

Positioned in Sigma Tech Park, the office has an enthralling view from the inside. Each floor at this sit around workstation narrates its own tale. Daivik greets its acquaintances with warm welcome and an open pantry of drinks available to all. Sustained internet connection and exquisite infrastructure that includes secluded board rooms for meeting, lounge area, discussion rooms, and cafeterias make Daivik a recommended work hub. Positioned opposite to Varthur Lake, the office is walkable from various eateries and food joints.  The Tech Park also facilitates underground parking to all consummates.

The office space is spacious enough to and is all- inclusive of individual cubicles, training rooms, meeting rooms, and conference rooms. The workstation can is adaptive to companies of all type like software solutions, IT sectors , individual workaholics or any sectored start ups upto any clear cut vastness.

An added advantage at Daivik is that, we at Daivik also provide our end users the privilege of customised office spaces. Any establishment walking in with the necessity of workstation specifics, Daivik is the solution to their answer. One can immerse himself into work with the high speed internet and secure Wi-Fi, including IT support and guest log-in functionality.

This plug and play office is one of the most vibrant office spaces making it lively for chats and discussions. The corner of each of this shared office room has a different tale to tell. While one corner traces with the smell of fresh coffee, from the other corner you will hear lively laughter and vivid cheers.